Through QHHT I can access the unconscious part of you that has all the answers to your questions. The Higher Self (I prefer to call it this way but you can also call it your Inner Wisdom, True Self, Subconscious, Superconscious, Instinct, Gut Feeling or the Greatest Power in the Universe) also has the ability to identify and heal any health problems it detects in the body – as long as it is appropriate.


Once the Higher Self has been contacted during a QHHT session, I ask it to identify and explain the cause behind each problem/health issue. Very often it is enough to simply understand why a disease is present or why a particular emotion is experienced so that it can be alleviated and eliminated by the Higher Self.


I then ask it if it is allowed to heal you. If so, healing is immediately initiated by the Higher Self without medication, surgery or pain.

This powerful part of you exists just beneath the surface of your consciousness. Anyone, regardless of age, gender, profession, background, physical ability, religion or belief, can communicate with it.


QHHT is therefore a highly innovative form of therapy, because instead of giving you the answers to your problems from my own knowledge and experience, I accompany your session in which we can draw the answers about you from your inner self. This makes QHHT extremely therapeutic, because the answers you receive are much more accurate because they come from your inner self. I am not a healer, but through this technique I facilitate healing and bring out the limitless ability of your body to heal itself!

IMPORTANT: Anything is possible if you stay connected to your Higher Self and the source. However, if you do not change your situation or general attitude after the session, the diseases and problems will come back. It is 100% up to you.



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