Before you read about QHHT, I would like to free you from your (perhaps) previous idea about hypnosis and help you relax a bit. Hypnosis, and especially QHHT, has nothing to do with a pendulum, nor that you are not in control of the situation. QHHT is a safe therapy. You are always in control during the session.


Besides, everyone can be hypnotized. We ourselves are in this trance state at least twice a day, which we work with in QHHT. Namely, once just before we wake up and once just before we fall asleep. By the way, I also work with Reiki in this state.


Hypnosis is therefore “only” a deep state of relaxation in which the client is able to access information in various forms of perception. Most often information is received through visualization, but some people (including myself) are only able to recognize what is happening by “perceiving their environment” or by “simply knowing” what is happening. It is very important to me that you know this, because so many people come to a session and have expectations of what they think it should be like.


Unlike most forms of hypnosis, which work in the influenced state of mind, where the hypnotist suggests you “lose weight” or “stop smoking”, QHHT works with you in the deeper (somnambulistic) state, where all the memories and records of your life are stored along with the higher intelligence of the universe.


Every mind has the ability and right to access this higher intelligence, and through QHHT we have the chance to see if there is any information from past lives or memories that can help you today. During hypnosis we will be able to communicate directly with this highly intelligent, intuitive and loving part of your mind and ask any questions you may have about yourself! 



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