„Bella helped me to discover Reiki not only as a healing tool and way to connect with myself on a deeper level. But even more as an essential source of energy I don’t wanna miss in my everyday life anymore.”

Our generation is shaped by feelings and fears such as self-doubt, insecurity, dissatisfaction, existential fear and above all a lack of self-love. Furthermore, we are constantly on the move. Appointments here, appointments there. Just not being alone. Why should we be? It’s boring… But our generation deals with its inner life differently than our grandparents and parents. What do I mean by that? We’re starting to question more. Admitting emotions. Whether you want them to or not. Outdated beliefs like “An Indian knows no pain”, “Be good and behave”, “Crying is for girls”, “A man shows no emotions”, etc. are as outdated as the belief that meat is healthy or for real men. But in us, besides the different beliefs from our childhood, there are also the five driving forces. According to the Transactional Analysis, these are commandments that we received as children from our parents, whether consciously or subconsciously. You will notice that they also mix with the different beliefs. These include “Be perfect”, “Make an effort”, “Be kind”, “Be strong”, “Hurry up.” So we carry these subconscious beliefs within us, which in turn have a large part in our emotional life and most of the time we do not even know it because we do not consider it important. At the same time exactly these beliefs contribute to the fact that we do not use our full potential. They block us. They hold us down. Have manifested themselves in our body. Some problems lie so deep that we didn’t even know they were there and where they came from. But the Reiki energy can get to the root of exactly these problems and pull them out. I choose Reiki not only to remove destructive energies and let new life energy flow, but also to overwrite old beliefs.

First, I would like to emphasize that Reiki is about unconditional love. You might smile about it now, simply accept it or don’t think too much about it, because you can’t do much with this statement yet which is okay. Two years ago, it would have been no different for me. It is important to understand that you and I, all of us, are on a journey together and that there is a great power that connects us all: the energy of pure love.

The problems of the world started (so tells a story handed down from the Hawaiian shamanism) when we fell into the error to think that instead of the one power of love there are two powers, namely good and evil. In place of compassion and benevolence came judgment, the division of judgement, and mankind stepped away from unity to separation. This was so to speak, the first progress in history, by which we moved away from what we are, namely completely – perfect Spirit (lat. Spiritus: “breath”, “wind”). We separated from love and mercy and have been living in rivalry with others ever since. This concept of competition, the disunity, is the cause of envy, greed, malice, poverty, hunger and wars. Deep in their hearts, people mistakenly consider themselves inferior, torn and devaluate others to look better for themselves. To move from this disharmony, from separation to unity and back to healthy self-esteem and inner peace, it requires a reprogramming of your previous belief system.

Allow the Reiki energy to flow through you. The current, the waterfall of the Reiki energy, washes away everything that burdens you from your body and from your thoughts. Relax and let go. In this state of relaxation and letting go your body and your thoughts can become free. Free and clear to recognize the actual messages that are behind your thoughts and feelings. You live trapped by intolerance and separation if you live in feelings of guilt, shame, pain. Because when you want forgiveness or ask for forgiveness, there has always been an occasion that has been judged as bad, hurtful, etc. Your soul calls you back into unity, into love and tolerance. There is no guilt, no pain, no shame. There is one thought: IT is as it is. Love knows that there is nothing to forgive. IT is always the level of development of the human being, the desired experience that lets humans BE like that. You recognize that these people and situations, were and are your teachers. You can grow from them. You probably think to yourself now: “Sounds quite interesting but it is easier said than done.” Yes. It’s certainly not an easy road. And it can be painful, lonely, doubtful and it usually takes a lifetime. But once you understand WHY we exist and that the reason for our existence is based on our experiences and the way we deal with them, then you won’t want to work on anything else but your personal development. You don’t want to say, “Well, that’s me.” Because at the end of the day this path is the more painful one. To stall, not to move forward, to get stuck and to realize that at some point you are caught up by your past, fears, traumas and problems. Because sooner or later that will happen in some way or another anyway.

“Working with Bella gave me deep clarity. With her nurturing spirit and authenticity, she creates and holds a transformative safe space that allows me to show up as who I really am, be vulnerable, emotional and speak my truth. After my first Reiki session with her I was introduced to a new level of lightness and a different side of myself. I uncovered emotions and feelings I had yet to discover, which held me back for so long of connecting with my true self. I am looking forward to continuing my journey with her support and the loving Reiki energy.”

What is Reiki?

Reiki works with the electrical energy of the human being and enlivens every cell of your body with information – it is the energy of creation. It helps you to trust the flow of life, to reconnect with yourself and to free yourself from all the layers that are part of life and the system we live in. Reiki helps you to free yourself from baggage, which has become heavier and heavier over the years, from the emotional ballast you carry. After you have cleaned up your home, you see life as a gift and give back gifts. Harmony, beauty, love, completeness and attentiveness are the qualities your gifts are made of.

The laying on of hands to soothe and relieve pain is instinctive and as old as mankind. If someone experiences pain, most people intuitively place one or both hands on the hurt area. In case of fever or illness, mothers instinctively put their hands on the foreheads of their children. Human touch gives warmth, peace and healing. Don’t we all need a little bit more of that anyway? The living body, whether human or animal, radiates warmth and energy. This energy is our life force and has many different names in the many different cultures. The Polynesian Hunas call it Mana, the Native Americans Orenda. This life force is known in India as Prana, in Hebrew as Ruach, in Islamic countries as Barraka and in China as Qi. In Japan it is called Ki, from which the word Reiki comes. The hand positions balance the right and left hemisphere of the brain, as well as all chakras and energy fields. They clarify and strengthen the flow of the life force Ki in the body of humans and animals.

In the book: “Awaken Healing Light of the Taos”, the Qi-Gong teacher Mantak Chia Qi describes energy, air, breath, wind, life breath, life force – the activating energy of the universe. Qi-Gong is an ancient Asian healing method, which lets the energy in the body circle, thereby strengthening and maintaining Qi. Qi or Ki (Japan) is a kind of electrical energy that generates the body and determines its health. If Ki leaves the living organism, death occurs. Ki is also indispensable for the earth, the planets, the stars and the kingdom of heaven and these energy sources in turn influence the Ki of the living body. All living things contain Ki and radiate it – it is the biomagnetic energy of the aura – an electromagnetic field of different oscillation frequency, also called the light body, which is stretched around our body.

Reiki energy heals the whole person

People and animals are not only physical beings. Besides our physical body, which is immediately perceived by seeing and touching, we have three other bodies. These invisible and non-physical bodies are energy levels consisting of Ki, which determine the state of the physical body. Healing cannot only take place on the physical level, it must also involve the vibrating energy bodies. While conventional medicine only treats the physical body, holistic healing (and especially Reiki) treats all four bodies. Healing thus goes far beyond purely medical treatment. In the case of abdominal pain, a pill or drops may be able to alleviate the symptoms, but will do nothing to fight the cause of the suffering. Reiki not only treats the pain you feel, but also its origin.

This fact applies especially to serious illnesses. A physical illness usually has not only physical causes and these must first be cured before the physical pain can be relieved. Most metaphysical healers believe that all physical pain is caused by emotional trauma, negative thought patterns or emotional distress. Without the discovery and treatment of the causes, the pain cannot be resolved. I also share this opinion. The body is truly amazing. Every emotion and trauma you experience will show up in the body, even if you do not even recognize it as such. Physical symptoms let you know what is going on inside you – where you are blocked, what you are holding on to and where you need healing. Look at your body to find out where you need healing. Diseases are messages from your body if you have ignored all other messages from the universe so far. If you ignore your emotional problems and do not deal with them, you will be reminded in a different way.

Reiki is not a religion and has nothing to do with religion. This life energy is the origin of life itself and is therefore much older than any religion, but it is strongly connected to Eastern philosophy. Reiki comes from a culture to which we in the West owe practically all our metaphysical sciences and ideas of morality and ethics to. In Mahayana Buddhism and its subsidiary discipline, Vajrayana, the abilities of meditation, visualization, ritual, spiritual and herbal healing, dream work, conscious dying, sexual healing with respect for women, return to former lives, in fact all kinds of mental growth and ability, and much more developed a very long time ago. In another blog post I will focus more on the history of Reiki since this topic deserves its own contribution. Reiki is a healing method that brings incomparable peace, relaxation and strength through the laying on of hands. In addition, it helps you release (emotional, mental, spiritual) blocks that may have been with you for years, holding you back in your actions and interpersonal relationships that you are ready to let go. The energy has a superhuman intelligence and flows exactly where it is needed. It is not withdrawn from the aura or myself, but comes from the source. Whoever is initiated into Reiki becomes a channel for this energy and passes it on to the person to be treated through certain techniques. Through this energy transfer the subtle energy fields are recharged and the immune defense and self-healing powers are activated. Healing is therefore a tripartite agreement between myself, the recipient and the source and is not done on someone, but with someone. No healing will take place without the consent and cooperation of the receiving person. According to this agreement, anything can happen if you allow me to heal you. I serve as the energy channel and the energy heals on all levels: The physical, the emotional, the spiritual and the mental level. For example, it is possible that after the treatment of headaches other organs and levels are also healed. Although my hands are at the point of pain, at your head, many headaches are caused by the digestive system. In this case, the energy is directed to both the intestines and the pain in the head. Both are areas of the physical level. If the headaches are caused by the soul, e.g. stress, Reiki will also heal on this level.

Reiki energy has an intelligence that goes far beyond human knowledge. The energy itself causes healing. Because of these complex interrelationships and the way Reiki heals everything that needs healing, it is impossible to predict how a Reiki session will proceed. What I can promise is that Reiki will help anyone who is open to receiving it. I cannot promise that reiki will heal a particular disease. Reiki relieves pain, speeds up the healing process, stops bleeding, relaxes the receiving person and activates and harmonizes the chakras and the energy of the aura (chakras are swirls or whirlpools of subtle energy in the aura). During the session your breathing slows down, your blood pressure drops and you calm down. What happens next is a result of the universal energy and cannot be predicted.

Reiki is positive in every aspect and therefore cannot harm any living being, regardless of their condition or status. There are moments when I notice that a client does not believe in healing. However, if the client allows me to pass on the energy and is open to this healing, it will happen whether the client believes in it or not. However, someone who is not open to the healing or who is inwardly resisting might block the process. This has happened to me before and my hands are tied in these situiations. Reiki does not violate the freedom of will. You must accept the energy for me to work with you. Reiki can be applied to anyone regardless of their age or physical state. Reiki is a safe treatment for people of all ages and situations, including pregnant women, infants and elderly. Reiki is a gentle method that uses only gentle touch. Reiki can facilitate the process of dying, but does not prevent the person from closing their eyes at the appropriate time.

The Reiki energy accelerates the healing process, sometimes even despite all medical methods. For instance, for a woman receiving chemotherapy – a treatment that holistic healers (including myself) believe to do more harm than good – Reiki can support the positive effects of the treatment while helping to reduce harmful side effects. However, Reiki works better in conjunction with holistic methods such as homeopathy or herbs. Medicine or other holistic remedies can be “charged” with Reiki before consumption to increase their effectiveness. Please note that when taking insulin or anti-hypertensive drugs, blood pressure should be measured more often, as the required dose may be reduced by Reiki. Through Reiki, people get a better grip on their health and often avoid the high costs, inhumanity and invasive methods of conventional medicine. Reiki cannot replace conventional medicine, but it can be a gentler and more positive extension. For acute complaints such as flu, cold, headache or a sprained ankle, a single Reiki session can often help whereas for serious, chronic or emotional pains, several sessions are usually necessary.

I compare Reiki to recharging a battery: a relatively healthy person only needs a little recharging, but if he or she is  ill or has to deal with trauma, deep-seated emotions or personal differences, he or she needs a lot of energy. In my personal experience, I hardly find people whose batteries are fully charged or even half full. As for the frequency of Reiki sessions, your body will tell you and after our first session I can provide advice. I usually recommend three to four treatments in an interval of one to two weeks, especially at the beginning. Your body has not been familiar with this energy for years and therefore has to get used to it again, as the energy is very subtle. We have physically, emotionally and mentally strained our body all these years, so I would describe our batteries as rather uncharged anyway. Just through our culture alone. In addition, we can never receive too much Reiki energy and it should therefore become an integral part of our personal life.

In general, however, you can never receive too much Reiki energy and it should therefore become an integral part of your life. Although Reiki cannot correct most birth defects, it can bring improvements in seemingly hopeless cases. For those who live with a permanent disability, Reiki will not change their situation fundamentally, but it can help to make life more comfortable. Reiki energy relieves pain, relaxes cramped muscles and soothes emotions. Amputated limbs or body parts cannot be replaced with Reiki but it can help the amputee cope with the loss and to come to terms with the new situation. This applies to other life-changing situations, such as paraplegia caused by an accident, too.

After a treatment or during a treatment cycle, sometimes the receiver is detoxified (both human and animal). This detoxification can be very different and can range from headaches, rashes and diarrhea to laziness and overall exhaustion. It’s how the body gets rid of pathogenic toxins and cleans up where disorder prevails. After such a “crisis”, the recipient feels better than before and the true healing begins.

What does Reiki mean to me

When I practice Reiki I forget about time and space. To feel and also see how the energy flows through my client is indescribable. Precisely because you don’t have to believe in Reiki, it is the best method to become familiar with the energies. Especially in Berlin most of my clients feel stressed and exhausted. Many have lovesickness, frustration at work or in their private life. I have clients who want to find out about their inner child, clients who have suffered a trauma or clients who “only” suffer from back pain. Through Reiki we can discover our natural ability to heal ourselves and this encourages us to take responsibility for our lives. In short: Reiki is for everyone. However, the biggest task of really accepting the energy, recognizing it and using it to change your life is up to you.

This journey is truly wonderful as it teaches you how deeply you can connect with yourself and become your greatest healer. Reiki is love, and especially in this crisis-ridden time we need love more than ever.