Past Life Regression is part of the QHHT method. You will find many answers here. Many diseases and phobias are connected to events in the past. Once we have access to past memories, we can see the deep connections with current life situations, process unresolved karma, understand the purpose of life, get answers to questions and integrate new insights into present life.


In short, this part of QHHT can give you a better understanding of why certain relationships, events and feelings you have in your life are the way they are.


The session will always lead you to the most appropriate time and place to get the information that is most important for you and your current life and that will bring you clarity and healing. A past life can also be a memory of your childhood that you may have forgotten, but which is important for you to reach your full potential.


By the way: Your Higher Self will only give you information or show you memories and images that are appropriate and useful for you at the time. It is always caring and protective.

You also don't have to believe in past lives or reincarnation to receive the healing benefits of QHHT. We can also call it a story – even if you consider that all the information that is created is just your imagination, the information is often extremely helpful.



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