Private and confidential

Duration: approx. 5-6 hours
The day belongs to YOU!

1:1 in person

Strictly according to the rules and regulations of Dolores Cannon

May only be conducted by QHHT certified practitioners


  • Prepare a list of questions (you can ask any kind of question or pose problems for which you want to find a cure, answers and solutions) e.g: Health or emotional problems, personal reorientation and changes, conflicts in the family or in the relationship, personal history and need for clarification, life course and spiritual development
  • Do not drink coffee or use any other stimulants in the morning
  • Have an extensive (and healthy) breakfast before the session
  • Wear comfortable clothes, in which you feel good
  • It is best if you pay attention to your diet a week in advance, so you can gradually adjust your body to this wonderful experience (I will gladly give you more tips during our phone call)
  • Mood: Your true intention to have an interesting experience and get answers to your questions is the key to a successful session


1. INTERVIEW (2-3 hours)

When you arrive, we will first get to know each other in detail in a relaxing conversation. I want to learn more about you and what brings you to me. We will talk about you and your path in life and take enough time here. It is important for me to emphasize: It takes as long as it takes.
The whole day belongs to YOU.

We will also talk about how easy it is to be led into a deep state of relaxation, to let go and to have a wonderful, healing experience. I will explain everything about the Higher Self, about its power and about how it knows everything about you, loves you unconditionally and supports you unlimitedly.


2. HYPNOSIS (no longer than 2 hours)

After discussing your questions, you lie down comfortably on my sofa. You are ready now for deep relaxation and healing. As soon as we start, you will notice how relaxing, easy and natural hypnosis is. We all experience the deepest levels of trance at least twice a day. Namely, whenever we are about to fall asleep and during waking up.


While you are in a deep state of relaxation, I will guide you through 1-3 past lives, childhood memories or other experiences that the Higher Self or your Subconscious wants to show you. If you do not believe in past lives or are not sure about it, we will simply call it a beautiful story!

The session will always take you to the most appropriate time and place to get the information that is most pertinent to you and your current life.

There is no wrong way to experience a QHHT session, only a variety of correct and always individual possibilities. Just relax and let yourself go. I will guide you safely all the way and you tell me about every detail you experience.


After we have finished contemplating your past lives, childhood memories, or other experiences, we come to the dialogue with your Higher Self. Personally, This is my favorite part, because here I can go through your questions together with it. It will also give you only the information that is appropriate and useful for you at that time.



Once you return to a fully conscious state, you will feel refreshed, positive and full of energy. We will briefly talk about what was shown to you, and what steps you’ll have to follow from here on. One thing is certain: You will leave the session with much more knowledge, understanding and love about yourself. Also make sure to have a meal after the session so that you feel more grounded and present in your body.



You will probably remember everything from the session – for now.

Nevertheless, you will receive a recording after the session, which I will send you via We Transfer (iIf you have your own recording device, you are welcome to bring it with you). Please listen to the whole recording privately.



Please keep your recording safe and listen to it frequently. I strongly recommend to do it at least once a week for the next six weeks. Every time you listen to the recording, you bring back this incredible power and energy that was very present during the session. It is absolutely essential for your healing.




Torstraße 98, Berlin, Germany

+49 173 56 96 209