Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and farther when the wheels are in perfect alignment, you perform better when your thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals and values are in balance. – Brian Tracy

I’m so happy that you came across my site today and that you’ re reading my first blog post on HEIMAT Energy Healing.  I will introduce myself to you and give you a better impression of me, my intentions and of the content you can expect in the future.

My blog posts will be a mixture of my own experiences and opinions, information and facts, inspiration and thoughts of my favorite psychologists and authors, which should entertain, inform and above all inspire you to reflect. You will often hear the word “change of perspective” and “belief system” and I will always ask you to have an open mind. But do not worry, I do not want to try to convince you or encourage you to follow my path. Rather, I want to inspire you to find your own path or take you on the journey back to your inner child, inner balance and inner satisfaction.

The human psyche has always been the topic that interested and fascinated me the most. On the one hand, I came in contact with it at an early age (through my mother’s profession) and on the other hand, in our home everything was addressed directly, openly and honestly, no matter how pleasant or unpleasant it might have been for everyone involved. This was often annoying and uncomfortable but the older I got the more I realized the true value of it.

As a child, I was very witty, lively and curious. I always knew what I wanted and what I didn’t want. My mother and her partner at that time raised me to become an open-minded, impartial person who was allowed to ask all questions and who got all the answers. My curiosity about the different stories and emotions of people made me a hobby interviewer and life story reporter in countless restaurants already at the age of four years and finally led me to study media journalism. In my professional career, I therefore dealt with the most diverse characters, their personalities and oddities, and made it my mission to put myself in their shoes. I saw it more as a form of exercise to practice my interview skills and was hence able to learn and experience more about the differences as well as similarities of human beings and their inner drive.

With diseases and symptoms, there is always an underlying cause. Thus, I constantly ask myself what the true motivation behind a person’s actions is. But let’s get back to the little, growing up four-year-old me again. I always felt that I am good the way I am and that I am loved for who I am – until I got into primary school.

What had been natural and normal for me before was suddenly strange and odd. Comparing, judging and shaping began and my childlike self-confidence gradually disappeared. Why am I telling you this? We all have one or more crucial moments in our lives that have caused the connection to our inner child to be severed.

I want to show by the approach in my work, by my contributions and especially by my open and honest manner, that spirituality is timeless, something that has always been there and has been with us since before our very first heartbeat. We have never not been spiritual, we have simply forgotten. This is what spirituality is all about: the connection to oneself and to the source. Many people, however, are afraid to take the step to turn inwards and face their fears and possible demons. Fear and our western belief and value system are the only reasons why spiritual healing and “being spiritual” is ridiculed at all. I want to give a modern touch to the reputation of spirituality and show you how sexy and liberating it is to build a connection with yourself to live in harmony and inner balance.

Far too often we hold on to things that are emotional ballast for us and prevent us from moving on. Sometimes we don’t even know the real origin anymore and simply accept to suffer instead of working on ourselves. To be open. Letting things go. Bitterness, criticism, fear and guilt are the patterns of behavior that cause the most damage. In our body and in our lives. Self-hate, guilt; we all know these emotions. That is why it is so important to let go of the past and to forgive. Including yourself. These feelings come from blaming others and not taking responsibility for our own experiences. I know what I am talking about.

„Every moment of life is a new starting point where we leave the old. This moment is right here and right now a new starting point for me. All is good in my world.“ – Louise Hay

Besides, I have also heard far too often from friends and acquaintances that they cannot and do not want to fall in love anymore. What a pity! All of us have been hurt once or several times by love. Some more, some less. But who benefits at the end of the day if you close your heart for the rest of your life?

You only punish yourself because love brings so many experiences with it, which you will never learn and experience as a single person. And isn’t life above all about having many different experiences, making decisions and growing from them? To raise the consciousness? Which leads us to my favorite topic, which is the root of everything: The power of thoughts. The power of thoughts exists. What you think is activated and manifested.

We are all so different yet so alike. We all carry the same emotions in different degrees and shapes. We have all been in the same or a similar emotional situation and we all strive for recognition, professionally and privately. But how often have you thought that you are not good enough? In love or at work? That someone else is much better than you, has more experience or better contacts? That you won’t get the apartment anyway, because you don’t have the best financial conditions? That you hate your body and won’t lose weight anyway? That you’re thinking, “why again?” Or “why me?” and take on the “victim role”? That you knew before that your boyfriend or girlfriend would cheat on you or that you would be constantly disappointed and hurt by the same kind of man or woman?

You are what you eat and you attract what you feel inside. What you radiate inside. If your inner world is not tidied up, you cannot expect your outer world to be in check. I do not excuse the poor behavior of other people, but it is our beliefs that attract these people, who then treat us in such a way. It is like a vicious circle and it is time to break out of it.

In the past, there have been phases in my life where I have felt insecure and not worthy. During those times, I was mostly attracted by men who at first sight signaled a certain strength and self-confidence to me. After lots of back and forth, ups and downs, it turned out that they themselves were much more insecure and helpless than I was. That in turn gave me a feeling of strength again and I felt better. I felt needed. This feeling was what I actually wanted to attract and feel. I looked for my own self-worth in people who did not know any self-worth for themselves. Though, my self-esteem didn’t rise because of that, how could it? I was always so focused on understanding what was wrong with me instead of working on self-acceptance and self-love. That realization is a lot to take in. I only analyzed my situation until much later. One the one hand, it’s too bad because it would have saved me a lot of tears in retrospect but on the other hand, it is exactly what defines us as human beings: our personal experiences make us learn and grow.

However, we are so trained to look for the “guilt” and the “mistakes” in ourselves or to hate the other person so much that we get lost. “Stick to yourself.” – is my mother’s phrase that sounds so simple but is so hard to live by, especially these days. Nevertheless, it has become my most important and strongest mantra and I try to live it consciously every day.

Far too often we are looking for answers outside of ourselves when the path only leads through ourselves. One of the strongest approaches is therefore to be as you are. Be real, be clear.

Every thought we think shapes our future, because it can be changed. For those who need proof: It is scientifically and physically proven that attention has a quantum level effect. If I send out love, at some point, I will be given love.

To say yes to yourself is the key to positive change. That is why it is so important to BE love. When we really love ourselves, everything in our life falls in line. But to really understand the meaning behind it and what it all entails – was one of my most important aha-moments in my life.

Those who know me know that interpersonal relationships are very important to me. You grow on them, you are inspired to rethink and confronted with the most diverse situations. In my work it is important to me to create a space in which one feels truly comfortable and welcome, cared for and understood. Trust and integrity are my top priorities. Especially in this kind of work there is no room for rationality and the constant looking at the clock.
At least for me.

I work with people who feel blocked in one way or another. Either energetically – as if something is holding them back and not allowing them to move forward – or emotionally; that there is still an unsolved problem that may even have manifested itself physically.

Besides the practice of Reiki, I am also in training  as an alternative practitioner in psychotherapy and of two other types of energy healing techniques, which you can find and book on my site in autumn. Until then I will keep you updated with further details.

Maybe other people, or even yourself, are not yet ready and you should not judge that. We all start in the right place, at the right time and in the right order with the changes in us. I, too, only started with the changes in me when I was frightened by my own inner feelings. That was the time when I knew: Okay, not like this. Until here and no further. All of us come, sooner or later, to a point in our lives where we will question many aspects of our lives and many things are no longer important to us anymore. Spiritual growth does not always have to come to the edge of the abyss. You mustn’t hit rock bottom or, like Eckhardt Tolle and others, be on the verge of suicide because you can’t stand your what your life has become anymore.

So, please don’t wait until shortly before your burnout to be more aware of yourself and your needs, to accept yourself and invest in yourself and in your personal growth.