The one thing that is undoubtedly universal to us all is energy. It is the all-pervading force that enables life to exist and flourish.
Sentences like: “I bet I’ll be full of energy again after my holiday” or “She has such a positive energy today”, is something we really all know.

But also sentences like: “I simply don’t have enough energy for the conversation today” or “I’m not in the mood for your negative energy”, are not foreign to us. But what exactly do we mean by that? And what is behind all of this? Do we really know what we are talking about here, or is it just used by us in the end as a simple phrase?

Although Western science and medicine often labelled Energy Healing as pseudo-scientific, the perception has already changed. It is now increasingly used to treat various medical conditions, especially those related to mental health.

The teachings and discoveries in quantum physics have brought the understanding of the penetrating power of energy to the forefront of Western thinking. Scientists, physicists and doctors are beginning to understand the principles behind the techniques and their benefits which have been known to Eastern cultures for centuries.


Not only does our body consist of and is driven by energy, there is an ever-present energy field throughout the universe that is now being studied using quantum field theory.

Did you know that your words can take on geometric shapes? The process in which the vibrations of the words are transferred to a special sound plate is called kymatics, and the sound vibrations can become visible as mandalas, triangles, mosaics or pentagrams. This is just one example of the kind of evidence and processes that play a role in the study of the human energy system. We are made of energy. The whole world is made of energy.

We can’t see the shape of our words, but it’s still there. It’s the same with certain layers of the body and the world. They exist although they cannot be perceived with the five senses. Therefore, a distinction is made between subtle and gross or even material energies.


One reason why it is so difficult to fully understand or explain subtle energies is that for a long time science has not understood, and still does not really understand, what it is dealing with, and we have therefore seen the absence of evidence as proof of the absence of it.

Depending on the method, Energy Healing focuses on the life force that flows through all of us; the force that determines our mood, health, energy and ability to connect with other living beings. In Chinese and Japanese culture this force is called Ki or Qi (pronounced: Chi). In India it is known as Prana, an intangible force that cannot be understood in a materialistic sense.


Every process of life is an expression of the action and movement of Qi.

Without Qi there is no movement, no thought, no emotional expression and no life.

In the human body Qi flows mainly in the circulation of the meridians (channels) and manifests itself in the body as well as in psychic processes. Qi is therefore constantly in motion. If it is slowed down or blocked, physical and mental complaints occur.

Through the techniques of Energy Healing, the flow of energy in body, mind and soul is restored. It deals with the illness caused by a disturbance of the energy flow in the body. Likewise, our energy bodies can be changed to create higher states of health, consciousness and energy.

Healing or Energy Healing is therefore neither a treatment nor a therapy. It is about creating space to find inner balance and advancement in life.
Energy Healing is not solely about getting rid of symptoms. Healing brings integral healing. Hence, it could be that you are looking for healing in a certain place and it shows up elsewhere. It brings change or the return to balance and is not limited to physical change but also brings mental, emotional and spiritual change.


Energy Healing can help you to find the approach that is right for you and lead you on a path to healing and lasting health.
Either as a primary or complementary method.


Besides the practice of Reiki, I am also in training  as an alternative practitioner in psychotherapy and of two other types of Energy Healing techniques, which you can find and book on my site in autumn. Until then I will keep you updated with further details.


That is why you should take good care of it.



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