Universal Energy, therefore Reiki Energy, is independent of time and space and is especially suitable for people (and animals) who cannot come to me personally due to illness or distance. Distance Reiki can therefore be received at any time and any place in the world. Distance is not an obstacle for Reiki in the same way that it isn’t for cell phones or the internet.


We are all first and foremost energetic beings and we are all connected by a unified energetic field on a fundamental level of reality. Therefore, it is possible to do such things as Distance Reiki, Akashic Readings or Tarot Readings for others.


I use the Reiki Energy to work on your general well-being (general healing), on a specific illness or disease, or I direct the energy to a specific part of your body, a specific situation, an emotional blockage or phobia. For example: The womb for fertility, the heart to heal trauma or if you have to have an important conversation bust still feel insecure, your throat chakra.


The Distance Reiki Treatment with me lasts 45 minutes.

  1. We will set up a time for an introductory chat via Phone/Zoom/Skype.
  2. Before we start the treatment send me a photo of you, details about your location and specifics about anything you want to work on.
  3. You find a comfortable place to lay down at home, or wherever you are. I recommend that you arrange your area so that you feel completely comfortable. You can light up some candles and incense sticks, dim your lights or put together your favorite objects. I would also be happy to advise you on music. 
  4. We begin the treatment. I send Reiki to you and you receive the Reiki laying down in your space.
  5. My personal experience is that it is better if you call me after the session. As with the direct 1:1 Reiki Treatment, take as much time as you need to process it. I am here for you and looking forward to our follow-up talk.


It is totally possible that you will feel an immediate effect (consciously) after just one Distance Reiki Treatment. But it is also possible that you will need several treatments. Reiki flows regardless of whether you feel it or not. As with all Reiki Energy transmissions, 3-4 sessions in a row are recommended at the beginning of a Distance Reiki. The basic rule is: Listen to your body, it will tell you. There is no rule of thumb and it also plays a big role what your motives are. However, the more often you integrate Reiki into your life, the deeper and more intense the energy can go to work on different levels. After your first treatment, I can give you my advice but ultimately it is your body and your decision.




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