Each and everyone one of us has a mission on earth and we can only fulfil this mission once we have found our true self, have exhausted our full individual potential and no longer struggle for the potential of others. Reflecting on myself, I know that I have been trapped in this so-called “hamster wheel” for the last few years. I did my job well, but not with full conviction. For a while I thought so, but I also knew that I was replaceable at any time and I didn’t want to carry this feeling inside me for the rest of my life. You start to compensate this strange feeling, this simple imperfection, with after-work events or weekend dates. You may also find fulfilment in your partnership or in your single life for a while, but in the long run you will always come back to the point that raises the following questions: What is my calling? Why am I here? There is no good or bad or right or wrong answer.

Some people are content with that ­ which is perfectly fine, but for me this life is simply out of the question. Within my circle of friends, I know that at least 8 out of 10 people don’t do what they really want to do or where their real talent is encouraged and developed. I often hear sentences like: “I just have to make money” or “I’ve come so far, it will be fun someday”.

I said them myself for a while. But don’t such statements tend to hide behind the uncertainty of actually wanting to take a different direction? We manipulate ourselves and say: ” The way I’m driving right now, it’ s all okay and safe. So many others are already going in the same direction, and I would have to start from scratch again. I have no time for that. I’m used to work, and the extra days off are nice.” There’s that fear again. Hidden behind all excuses and the facade of inconvenience. Our strongest emotion and yet it is an illusion and was created by us humans.

Let’s also not forget about the power of our own thoughts. The law of attraction. Positive attracts positive, negative ­attracts negative. You know it. There are indeed some of my friends who have already found their calling and are doing what they are passionate about. This can obviously be not only within their profession, but also in how they set priorities for themselves and their environment.

Some of my friends blossom in their mother or father role and/or have a partnership which fulfils them. For some of them, time spent with their family is the most important thing, for others it is travelling around the globe, writing about it and digitally recording the gained impressions. What I am getting at is this: How you define your vocation, how you reach your full potential, is entirely up to you as long as you are fulfilled at the end of the day.

The music in your life is in your instinct.

For many people there is probably no better time than now to press the reset button and follow their instincts. What is the difference between intuition and instinct? Intuition is instinct clouded by thought. Evaluations, assessments, interpretations, opinions. Intuition is often the place where our fear is stored. What about following your instinct? Maybe this is the time we have all secretly been waiting for and for the first time, we have the opportunity to write the history that honors the abilities of each individual. 

Every life performs a glorious symphony. Some people may feel that their symphony lacks certain instruments. Their music then becomes disharmonious and there is little harmony in their lives. The search for self-worth serves to realize that every one of us is a symphony and not a single instrument. When you feel that you are part of a greater music, you can sing the song you came to this planet for even better.

Our outer power is transient, but our inner power is eternal. All the answers we are looking for are already within ourselves. We should now learn to look properly. Everyone finds their own way. Those who really strive for it become independent of manipulation by others and can follow their heart.

The departure into a new world is coming. We change our values and recognize the value of a person as an individual. Relationships, a certain reputation, a certain position in the job or the nightlife scene – all this is suddenly irrelevant. We are all equal. We are loved for who we are. And isn’t this exactly what we have always longed for deep in our hearts?

“Think for yourself. Do not give your power to others. Decide for yourself and discover your own truth. Do not let fear cloud your judgment so that you cannot think for yourself. Transformation from this dimension to the next requires that you are free from fear.” Dolores Cannon