If there are diseases in this part of the body, it has to do with the fear of life. And if we now look specifically at this situation, what do we see all around us? It is the fear. Everything revolves around the fear. Fear has always been in people, because driven by it, most, if not all, of the societies of this world have functioned for many millennia. If we fear this virus continuously and without pause, we automatically create something insanely big. But we can also try to look at it from a different perspective and see it for what it really is, and put it in the right proportion.

After all, this is an experience that we have all chosen together at this collective level, and if you look at it from that point of view, 2020 is the year of clarity. The year to see things clearly. After all, humanity has not been in balance for thousands of years. The energies are not in balance, and that is why there are so many problems in the world. What is it that we want to work on together to move forward? To put ourselves in these higher vibrations. Because that is exactly what is happening here right now: This so-called “deceleration” is preparing us for something bigger. One could also speak of another dimension here, because our frequencies and our vibrations have to adapt to it first. For a better understanding, in order to be able to comprehend what I am actually saying here, I would like to explain this briefly:

The earth is a living being. Over the years she has developed just like us, although at a much slower pace. She is now preparing to go into her next incarnation, which will definitely happen. To do so she must increase her frequencies and vibrations. A higher dimension is the result. From the beginning the earth has tolerated the people who are living on it. But she does not care whether we go with her or not. She moves independently and if we decide to go with her, then that is our decision. However, we have caused her so much damage and suffering that it would certainly be okay for her if we did not go with her. However, if we want to be part of this next adventure, we have to make changes within ourselves. Our frequencies and vibrations must be increased, otherwise we will, quite simply, be left behind.

Time is also running faster and faster. For thousands of years the Schumann resonance or pulse (heartbeat) of the earth has been 7.83 Hz per second. Since 1980 this number is increasing slowly. It is now over 12 Hz per second. This means that, converted, there are less than 16 hours per day instead of the old 24 hours. One of the signs that frequency and vibration are occurring is the acceleration and shortening of time.

You may also have noticed that you have been suffering from occasional headaches and back pain in the last few weeks. fatigue, dizziness or high blood pressure, muscle and joint pain. Your craving for meat and hard to digest food may have decreased or even completely disappeared. With the changes that are taking place around us in a very subtle way, our physical bodies must also change in order to adapt. Of course, this does not happen abruptly, but in small steps, because the body cannot suddenly change the vibrations. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to the right nutrition. I will also go into this in more detail at another time. It is only very interesting to observe that the people around me feel exactly these symptoms and that there is a simple explanation for them.

One of the most important things that keep the vibration still too low is therefore fear. It will keep us all together where we are now. As long as we are afraid, it will continue to build up. Like everything in life. Once we stop fearing it, it will disappear. That doesn’t mean we should be reckless with it, go out and pick up where we left off. Please don’t. We should all take something out of this and live through this time as a worldwide community, which we are, after all, finally once again. Our task now is to accept this time as it is. To respect what it is and to understand what it tries to teach us, what we have finally chosen for ourselves: To learn to be alone with our inner voice and to confront our inner demons.

Too many people are afraid of being alone. Of external and internal silence. But if you are one of those people who can fall asleep without Netflix – good for you! We cannot help other people if we have too many of our own problems. Therefore we cannot do what is right for the planet if we cannot do what is right for us. We sometimes drive ourselves crazy and hold on to too many things that don’t really make sense to us. But that is exactly what will bring the world and us down – our mood has a poignant influence.

The higher vibration is one thing, and the people who don’t want to go to the higher level are another – and that will bring about changes. That is why it is so important that we act as a community, as a collective, because it is no longer a secret that similar vibrations reinforce each other and opposing vibrations erase each other.

Now is the time to look inside, when we cannot go outside. What are you afraid of? What is it that you do not want to deal with? Go through your life: What are you holding on to? What haven’t you let go by now? It doesn’t hurt anyone if you hold on to your karma – except yourself. And that pain will only increase if you don’t let it go. But not letting go holds you back in your development and thus in the development of us all. This should finally be over now! Our test is to act as a community.

If you feel fear around you, then there is a problem that you should address now. However, most of us are still scratching the surface and are still dealing with a general, ever-present problem of today’s society: the fear of one’s own existence. But what is it that gives cause to this fear? It is not the forced short-time work or the cancellation of some projects. Nor is it the promotion to senior manager, which you thought was a sure thing, that you can write off for now. Just ask yourself the question: What would be the worst case that could happen to you now? Would you perhaps have to move to a smaller apartment? Would you really have nothing to eat? Have we finally been forced to rethink and can’t live our lives the way we have been used to for years? Are we perhaps simply confused and frightened because our illusions have been destroyed?

Life brings us just where we are supposed to see certain things that we otherwise would not have dealt with. Our inner fears, which are actually so very present, come to the surface, while we have always tried to ignore them. Therefore, consider it as an inner cleansing, which will only liberate more and more in the further course of time. For every action there is also an opposite reaction. Where there is birth and life, there is also dying and death. Without darkness there is no light. The way to the light leads mostly through it. We are not victims. What happens, happens for us and because of us. We are in the process of creating the earth the way we want it – when we finally understand how powerful we are.

We should let go of all greed, arrogance, domination and above all our materialism, because these things are of no use to anyone in this global transformation and only slow us down. What you need will come to you if you do it out of love and not out of greed. So now is the time to say goodbye to your familiar work ethic that you used to earn your money with. You are now working on something much higher, something much bigger: on the one hand to save the current situation, and on the other hand we are working as a community to change the earth to a better planet. We have a lot to make up for.

That should be our main focus right now. Because everything will be all right if you just go with it. It is important to learn to ground and trust in this chaotic time (which for some people will be, because there is a collapse of the long lasting belief system). The power of thoughts exists. What you think is activated and manifested. It is scientifically and physically proven that attention has an effect at the quantum level. The only thing that stops our manifestations are our own doubts. Your thoughts are your strongest superpower, so use them.

Every single one of us has free will and can use it. We are confronted with decisions that demand a choice. We choose again and again, but if we choose the path of light, joy, ease, inner contentment and inner trust, then this moves us too. It moves us even closer. And when you decide, you might think: “You know what? I like that feeling from this one better than the one before.” And then you start making other decisions that move you more and more in that direction. Try it out. You can take two steps in one direction and then take a step back and maybe think, “Oh, I don’t like that. Let’s go this way instead.” And you’re beginning to realize how much control you have in all of this. And that’s what it’s all about: you have control. It’s your creation. It’s your reality. The more conscious you are of it, the more conscious you are of what you are doing, the more joy you will have. Those who are going with the transformation will feel comfortable with the new belief systems and will not have to fight like those who feel they are fighting now. Fighting, again such a terrible, negative word. Everything that you have to fight in any way, you pay too much attention to and it will automatically come to the sureface. Pay attention to your choice of words, because they are more important than you think. Pay attention to how you speak to and about yourself.

Of course, it is not that this is a general transformation where we suddenly become something that we are not. We can decide for ourselves whether we move on from there or not. It is up to and within us to create a new earth or to stay in the old one. But this should not be a difficult decision.

All we have to do now is to concentrate on ourselves and our bodies and create our heaven on earth. What we focus on is what we create in the end. Think about peace, even your inner peace, because the body does not heal in chaos. How wonderful would it be if we as human beings could finally understand, respect and accept the power and strength of our own thoughts? Because what we focus on will continue to expand. When you understand things, you are no longer afraid of them. It is important, especially at this time, to bring joy back into our lives, because our soul dies if we do not have it.

Therefore be creative, paint, do handicrafts, write a diary again or work on your own life story. Dance or learn a new instrument that you always wanted to learn or play again. Knock yourself out in your kitchen, write business plans, finally go on a diet that you never really had time to follow because of your bar job, read the books you never had time for, go back to your passions that you may have lost sight of for years – clean up inside and out. You don’t miss a thing, time stands still for all of us right now.

What we focus our attention on is always followed by energy. It doesn’t ask itself the question: “Is this the energy I want? That I do not want? When your mind changes and you let go of your distorted beliefs, you will see the change in your emotions. Life will automatically feel softer, happier and lighter. Your life will feel much richer…