We used to believe not only that the earth is flat, but also that it is the center of our universe – and that the sun moves around it. Today we know: The sun is the center around which we move, not us. Far too often, our arrogance prevents us from seeing the truth, even though it is right in front of us. But once the truths are uncovered, they are easy to understand.

But the question is whether we sometimes want to uncover them at all, or whether we want to distract ourselves from them by consciously or unconsciously looking away. We like to mix up the non-existence of evidence with evidence for the non-existence. So how do you say it? You can’t really prove anything. Only disprove. So we may have believed in something for years, but perhaps it is not true at all. That’s why: Don’t believe everything you read or hear! Think for yourself and don’t give your power away to someone else.

We are constantly learning, so it is important to remain flexible in our thinking – and above all: don’t let fear cloud your judgment, so that we can no longer think and decide for ourselves. Often we realize that we have only ever looked out of a single window in our previous lives. Perhaps the window through which our parents, our grandparents, our great-grandparents looked. But if we are willing to widen our view to several windows, we see more and more of the whole picture.

I strongly believe that our body is constantly speaking to us. Every pain, every symptom, every little ache – whether it is a stomach ache, pain in the legs or hands, or triggered by an allergy or tumor – is an important message that it sends us in its own unique language. In this way our body tries to tell us: “Listen to me, just listen to me for once!”, and therefore he tries to make us think and act. But as long as we don’t listen, the pain, the suffering, becomes bigger and bigger and the real origin is at some point – by taking medication – no longer found and treated. It moves into the background and the suffering, the symptoms of the illness, into the foreground. But  did you know that every part of the body transmits a different message?

Anyone who has ever heard of Louise Hay, Alice Stedman, Wayne Dyer or Eckhart Tolle knows that this is not a new insight or science. After all, diseases are never of physical, but of mental origin and usually arise when a person is not on the path intended for him or her. We are spiritual beings who live in physical bodies. Therefore, what we feel physically can be a manifestation of what is going on in our mind. Illness is nothing more than the loss of inner harmony and trust in ourselves. However, we as human beings prefer to focus on pain in order to treat it with medication rather than to search for the source within ourselves. What does pain want to tell me? What is my body trying to tell me? Why do we make ourselves sick? Why do we not listen? I am even firmly convinced that we can all heal ourselves. What the body can create, it can also “uncreate.” But I don’t want to go that deep, but the thought serves as a basis for what I want to get at.

One important request just before I start: It is indescribably sad and tragic that so many people die in this world and I don’t want to ignore this at all. These lines are only meant to serve as an inspiration to steer our thoughts in a different, more positive direction and thus create something valuable. Also as an inspiration to question our own belief system and to allow ourselves a change of perspective. To say goodbye to thinking in terms of norms and perhaps also to get involved in a foreign, unfamiliar terrain and to be open for something new.

Our higher self – you can also call it your superconscious, your gut feeling, the universe or your sixth sense – therefore constantly communicates with us to help us stay on the path we have chosen for our growth. One of the easiest ways to get our attention is pain – and that is why we use it. When we learn to communicate directly with these parts, we no longer need the physical messages. If we look at the corona virus from this perspective, it is interesting to see which part of the body is affected by it: It’s the lungs. Our breathing room. Our so-called “breath of life”.

But what does this mean exactly – and above all for us?