I am Arabella and I believe that we are all here for a reason and each of us has a very special purpose on this planet. I also believe that life cannot exist without darkness. To grow and learn from different experiences is what we are all here for. The way you deal with these experiences is entirely up to you. For me, I decided one day that I wanted to heal. I decided for life and against my self-destructive and limiting thoughts and fears. Against anger and to follow the path of love. Along the way I have come to many realizations and one realization for me was that sometimes life gives you your most beautiful gift, wrapped up, in your worst nightmare. In fact, this is not a new life wisdom of mine, it’s a quote from David Icke – but this statement, gave me a new perspective at that time.


School was anything but easy for me but I discovered and deepened my passion for writing there. In 2012, I moved to Berlin to study media journalism. After several jobs in this industry, it pulled me then for a year to go backpacking in Australia, Indonesia and Thailand. This time has given me an indescribable feeling of joy, confidence, connection and freedom – feelings, which I had last experienced as a child. Traveling and nature has therefore become an integral part of my life, which also made me move to live and work in Bali.

Death is something I have dealt with early in my life but never has it been so present as it was in 2017 when I lost my best friend in an accident. This human loss led to several other losses, including the connection to myself. It was during this time of reflection and inner conflict that I learned about energy healing. I grew up with my mother, who is a wonderful personality trainer – so I always knew that the power of your own thoughts is very important for your well-being, but the answer to “why?” always remained open.  At that time it was unimaginable for me to direct my thoughts in a positive direction and thus allow myself a change of perspective. Yet this is exactly what I achieved by working with the universal energy, the life force energy. The search for meaning and our being has led me to people and places in the world that have helped my soul blossom again.


We all carry a story along with us. We all carry experiences along with us. If we didn’t carry experiences within us, would we be alive at all? Unfortunately, these experiences are not always positive. We all carry wounds and traumas within us, and emotions such as anger, shame, guilt, sadness and fear run so deep that our psyche has developed various defense mechanisms over the years – which even were quite helpful to us for a while. Alright. However, It doesn’t help you now. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. It keeps you from being your authentic self, living your truth and realizing your dreams.


“We repeat what we don’t repair.” And that’s really true. Have you ever wondered why you keep bumping into the same kind of man or woman, for example? Everything in this universe is a reflection of your own inner consciousness. So if you carry around your trauma, your wounds, you will find it 100% in your relationships and interactions with other people. You may change partners, bodies and looks change, but the problems remain the same. Why? Because your wounds will sooner or later catch up with you. They want to be healed and believe me, everything I am saying here I have experienced myself.


I support people to get into their next phase in their own personal evolution. Men and women. Often there is something from their past that holds them back from stepping into their full potential and thus realizing their full potential. I help them where they cannot move forward and see clearly.

“If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm.”


I offer 1:1 sessions and use specific methods and tools to help you reconnect with yourself, hear your inner voice and feel yourself again. If you want to release old blocks and replace old thinking patterns, you need to identify and resolve the root cause. It’s like weeds. If I only cut off the top part, the root is still there – and it grows again.

My purpose and goal in life are to reconnect humanity with the depth of love. I believe that this is only possible if I myself reach the depths of my own soul and bring light to the places that have lived in darkness for years. Yes, we all want to have “love & light” and fun in life – and we really more than deserve that – but the key to it lies hidden, in the box that you locked and hid well back then – but which is just waiting to be opened by you.


Our emotions and experiences determine the quality of our life. They are our teachers. Therefore, we should not suppress them, because that will make us sick. Physically and mentally. We did not come here to pretend to be something we are not. We should create a life that actually feels good. To do that, we have to become aware of what is not working that way. That is exactly where our work lies. The power of change is always in the present and we are so much stronger than we assume to be.


Do you know what it feels like to trust yourself? To love? To listen to your inner voice? To express it and be completely detached from the opinions of other people? That’s true authenticity and each of us is worth remembering, feeling and living by it. There is nothing wrong with you. There was never anything wrong. In fact, there are no disorders either, only wounds that need our attention. And we all have them. This is part of human evolvement and we should all strive to evolve. We can heal ourselves and we can make ourselves sick. We always have a choice. Which way you choose to go, however, is entirely up to you.



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